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‘Cowboy Guns’ And Why They More Popular Today Than Ever

When it comes to ‘Cowboy guns’, it’s a long love affair that has gone on since the first revolver was made over 190 years ago and that love affair is still ongoing to this very day. But when we think of genuine ‘cowboy guns’, all one has to do is turn on their television and watch an old western movie, or T.V. show.

Most of the children who were born in the 1950’s (myself included), grew up watching movies and television shows like The Big Valley, Bonanza, Cheyenne, The Cisco Kid, Daniel Boone, Gunsmoke, Laredo, The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp, The Lone Ranger, Rawhide, The Virginian, and Wagon Train and that’s only naming a few.

One would be hard pressed to NOT know what a ‘cowboy’ was growing up in America during this time.

But the one thing that stood out in all of that, were the guns they used, yes, in almost every show I mentioned, they used the same kind of guns, so no surprise there. And almost ever little boy growing up in America during that time, had at one point; a toy six shooter to play with. And funny thing…were weren’t killing each other like kids today are doing, interesting huh?

But, it’s our love of firearms in America that has never diminished and it’s the ‘cowboy guns’, that hold a special place in our hearts because it represents a time in this country when people settled their differences and defended their lives with those very guns. Now you know why folks back then were a little bit more polite, because being a bully, or a schmuck in general, could have gotten you killed….just sayin’.

Revolvers (especially these old types) are more popular today,  than ever. And if you are lucky enough to own a genuine ‘cowboy gun’, you should never sell it and hand it down to your children, because of just what it represents; America.



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