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Here Are 10 Guns You Can Bet Your Life On

Before you click on the video below, I would like to make some things clear to everyone. Even though I agree with the gentleman in the video about his selection of firearms, there are several guns that should have been on his list but weren’t. I understand when making a video that time is of the utmost importance and to make the video interesting, selection and content is also very important, so I will not add any of my favorite guns to his list and just let him do his thing.

But before we do that, let me clue you in to just who is making the video:

His name is Chris Randall and he goes by the moniker “Honest Outlaw”and he runs a YouTube channel and a website, for which I will place links below, so that you can check him out.

I started the Honest Outlaw Reviews YouTube Channel in order to provide REAL opinions on guns and gear. I live in rural Iowa with my wife, Mrs. Outlaw, who films my videos.

If you would like to subscribe to his YouTube channel click here, or check-out his website, you can do so by clicking here.

Instead of me adding any of my favorite guns to his list, I will just say, that the best firearm that you can have, is one that you are comfortable with. Remember, if you want to hit what you are shooting at, practice , practice, practice. If some crackhead is breaking into your house at 3:00am, you don’t want to fumble around with a gun that you aren’t familiar with, that is what gets people killed and the last thing we want to happen, is a ‘good guy’ being taken out by some scumbag.

Okay, so let’s get to the guns that Chris has selected.



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