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Here Are 7 Pocket Pistols Just Perfect For Deep Concealment

There are some folks that prefer a full sized handgun for their main conceal carry and that’s cool, but it’s hard to be discreet packing a full sized Colt 1911, a Beretta M9, or a Glock 17. But if you are looking for a discreet pistol that still fires a full sized round, you’ll have to do some looking around.

Pocket pistols are used for concealed carry by those desiring a discreet self-defense gun, or desiring to carry a ‘backup gun’. They are point-and-shoot pistols, intended for fast one-handed operation at very close range.

It is also a defensive handgun that is small enough to be concealed long-term in a pocket or similar-sized area for use in unexpected emergencies. The pocket pistol dates back to the 17th century, when the flintlock firing mechanism made it safer to carry a loaded gun in a coat or belt.

Are pocket pistols really even effective? Pocket Pistols require the user to shoot straight, even though that can often be hard to do. These are not powerhouse calibers and are more effectively deflected by glass and barriers than rounds like 9mm, 40 S&W, and 357 Magnum.

The producers of the video below had this to say:

We live in the days of the SIG P365 and the Springfield Hellcat, a time in which you get both 9mm and high capacity in a teeny tiny package. While this development is for itself very good, it has led to a slight decline in the niche that is called pocket pistols.

While these used to rule, they are now of lesser importance. However, that does not mean they are something neither needed nor wanted. To the contrary, they still serve an important purpose.

They can be carried no matter what style of dress you have. They are convenient to carry, and they are great for deep concealment for carrying in a less permissible surrounding.

Apart from that, they are great backup guns that can be relied on when the main gun fails to do its work or after you have been “disarmed” aka relieved of your primary carrying piece.

Okay, that makes perfect sense, so let’s take a look at some pocket pistols that are just ‘perfect for deep concealment’.



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