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Here You Go…The 10 Best Lever Action Rifles On The Planet

The lever gun has been around for a really long time and there’s a good reason for that, these rifles have withstood the test of time and can still deliver a lot of rounds downrange on target!

While I prefer a barrel length of at least 26 inches and the larger rounds like the 45-70, 45-90, 50-90 and the 50-110, I wouldn’t turn down any of the rifles spotlighted in the video below.

Like I said, these rifles have been around for a really long time and over the years, the quality has only gotten better.

Whether you use them to put meat on the table, or just like plinking rounds on a paper target, these rifles will never let you down.

During their century and a half of production, lever-actions have been produced by many different manufacturers while filling just about every rifle role possible. They’ve been used for military service, hunting, causal plinking and home defense.

A typical lever-action rifle can hold anywhere from 4 to 10 rounds. Some models may be able to hold more or less, depending on the size of the cartridge (e.g. 45-70 govt versus .357 mag).

Most lever-action rifles are best suited for short to medium-range target shooting and hunting. In general, though, most lever-action rifles will fall somewhere within the 150 to 300-yard range.

It’s important to remember that the effective range of a rifle is different than its maximum range. But whatever you plan on using a lever action rifle for, it is almost a ‘must have’ for any serious gun owner.

Enjoy the video!



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