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Matt From Demolition Ranch Says “I Bought The Dirty Harry Gun…. Instantly Regret It”

It has been quite a long time since I included one of Matt Carriker’s Demolition Ranch videos here at Great American Outdoors, so I plan to rectify that mistake today. As some of you may know, I used to use Demolition Ranch’s video pretty regularly here and got no complaints from you guys, but recently, I got some emails from some folks complaining that they haven’t seen a ‘Demo Ranch’ video here for quite a while. I thought I ran them in the ground and you guys were tired of seeing them…my bad!

Just in case you’re not familiar with Demolition Ranch, let me fill you in.

Matthew Carriker, also known by his YouTube channel name as DemolitionRanch, is an American YouTuber who is known for his gun-related content. The channel receives around a million views every day, and since its inception in 2011, it has amassed 10 million subscribers.

In the video below, Matt has a new addition to his very extensive gun collection; The .44 Auto Mag pistol (AMP), yes it is the same pistol used by Clint Eastwood in the film “Sudden Impact”. And yes, that’s the film in which Clint Eastwood says “Go ahead…make my day”.

Here’s a little bit of info on this pistol courtesy of Wikipedia:

The .44 Auto Mag pistol (AMP) is a large caliber semi-automatic pistol. It was designed between 1966 and 1971 by the Auto Mag Corporation to make a semi-automatic pistol chambered in .44 AMP. The pistol’s reputation and looks have made it popular in cinema and novels and several versions are listed as “Curios and Relics” by the ATF.

The short-recoil operated Auto Mag pistol featured a rotary bolt with six locking lugs located at the front similar to the M16/AR-15 rifle. The Auto Mag is a modest weight pistol designed to give handgun owners .44 Magnum power in a semi-automatic pistol. The .44 Auto Mag was designed to shoot .429-inch, 240-grain bullets at about the same velocity as the .44 Magnum revolver.

Since this particular video has 5.7 Million views on YouTube, I’d say it’s definitely worth your time to watch.

H/T – Wikipedia



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