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The Attack Of The ‘Mountain Devils’ At Ape Canyon Near Mount Saint Helens In 1924

The stories of the ‘hairy men’, or ‘hairy big people’ are a common staple of the native tribes of Canada and the native tribes of the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. When European settlers first ventured into these territories in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, they were dismissed as ‘indian legends’ and not believed. But as white people traveled further into the wilderness, there were accounts by missionaries and fur trappers of large, hair covered ‘Mountain Devils’ that lived in the wilderness.

The story I am going to tell you took place near Mount Saint Helens in 1924 and considering the source, it certainly passes the smell test and cannot be discarded as a ‘tall tale’.

There is something that I want to make abundantly clear, I am NOT writing this for personal fame, notoriety, or “clicks”, it doesn’t matter to me if you believe this or not. I spend the majority of my time in front of my computer doing research and what my research tells me, is that there is more than an abundance of evidence that there are large, bipedal, hominids living in the uninhabited forests of North America, so take that with a grain of salt.

The paragraphs below comes from

According to a story that was widely run in Washington and Oregon newspapers at the time, it was on a summer night in July 1924 that a small cabin housing a group of miners came under attack by a gang of wild “apemen.” The five miners, all of whom survived the incident and seemed convinced of its facts, were asleep when the attack started.

Seemingly out of nowhere, the cabin they had hand-built began being hit by huge stones that were being thrown by “mountain devils” on all sides. The men began to shoot at the monsters, and the attacks would cease, only to start back up again minutes later. At one point one of the supposed creatures reached with a hairy arm into the cabin through a hole in the construction and took hold of an ax but was stymied before he could pull it out of the building.

The siege continued until daybreak, when the men finally inched their way out of the cabin. One of the men, Fred Beck, saw one of the Bigfoot creatures standing in the distance at the edge of what is now Ape Canyon. Beck fired on the creature, supposedly watching it tumble into the gorge. After the attack, the miners found several big rocks and large footprints all around the area of the cabin.

Watch the video below and you will get an even more detailed account of what happened on that night in 1924.



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