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Watch As Paul Harrell Talks About Personal Protection & Shooting While In Bed

I really like Paul Harrell and this particular video is one of his shorter one’s (time-wise), but it was the featured image & the title that hooked me. But after watching the entire video, I can say truthfully, I would never sleep with, or attempt to fire a handgun from UNDER the covers.

Granted, this is a rather ‘unusual’ experiment, but it certainly is an eye opener, it was the many ‘malfunctions’ that occurred during the experiment that kinda clinched it for me. But I haven’t slept with a gun in my bed for over 40 years.

Back in 1979 when I was stationed at Fort Hood, I lived off-post in Copperas Cove, Texas, it was a little town right next to the base. Below is a photo of me back then with one of my roomates in front of our house (I’m the one on the right).

No photo description available.

Anyway, I used to sleep with a sawed-off 20 gauge single shot shotgun under my pillow and “no”, I wasn’t married at the time (no surprise huh?). But I never really ever worried about anybody trying to break in, considering I was one of three guys living in that house and everyone was armed. And ‘yes’, when my bedroom door was closed at night, everybody knocked first before entering, because they knew I slept with a shotgun under my pillow.

Anyway, if you are one of those people who does sleep with a pistol under your pillow, or covers, pay attention to the video, it might just save your life. As for me nowadays, I keep my pistol in the drawer of my nightstand NEXT to the bed, so I don’t have to worry about any ‘malfunctions’ from trying to fire it from UNDER the covers.

Beneath the video I’m going to place a link to an article regarding this subject, you might want to check it out.

The title of this article is: “Can I Safely Keep My Gun Under My Pillow When I’m Sleeping?”, I highly suggest that you check it out.



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