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Watch As The Folks At TAOFLEDERMAUS Test The Experimental ‘STEEL TORNADO’ 12ga. Shotgun Slugs

Well, it looks like the boys over at TAOFLEDERMAUS are back and have a brand new shotgun slug designed by master jeweler Evan Perry, of Rhinestone Hurricane and this particular one looks like it’ll be a real ‘tornado’ in the form of a shotgun slug!

Now, this particular bit of ammunition isn’t to be confused with the Sterling Tornado 12 Gauge Slug.

All of the rounds the crowd at TAOFLEDERMAUS use, are created by Evan Perry (see link in first paragraph above), he makes jewelry and makes shotgun slugs in his spare time. Just like they say in the video below, Evan makes the slug and the guys at TAOFLEDERMAUS figure out how to make it work as ammunition.

If you are a regular reader here at Great American Outdoors, you can see for yourself just what it is that Evan Perry and the guys at TAOFLEDERMAUS  do. Most of the time these shotgun slugs are just experimental and used only in their videos, but some of the time you can buy them (which on occasion is very rare).

Anyway, it’s all in good fun, so sit back and see just what kind of carnage the “Steel Tornado” aka “Worm Slug” can do.



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