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The Top 5 Best Single Action Revolvers You Can Buy Right Now

I’ve written several articles on single action revolvers, personally, I think they don’t get enough respect. The single action revolver was one of the original multi-shot weapons of the modern age and as long as we’re being honest…they have withstood the test of time.

I’m sure you’ve heard about single-action revolvers before if you’re not completely new to the world of handguns and you’ve watched at least a few western movies. Single action revolvers are commonly referred to as Old West revolvers because they are icons of the Wild West era.

The Colt Single Action Army revolver is regarded as the most widely used SAO revolver.

Yeah, yeah, I know semi auto pistols are great, but I can’t recall the last time my revolver ‘jammed’, or didn’t fire when I cocked the hammer back. Let’s get real, I’m 65 years old and all throughout my life, I’ve never had a revolver that failed to fire when I wanted it to.

Yes, single action revolvers have limitations, 6 rounds isn’t a lot of firepower and they are kind of bulky and hard to conceal, but that depends on what caliber you are using and how you dress, I always leave my shirts un-tucked when I conceal carry, but that’s just me.

Also (and I might catch flak for this),  I think Ruger revolvers are too expensive and are overrated, but that’s my humble opinion. There are other revolvers that didn’t get mentioned and I think they should have…but again, that’s my opinion.

That’s to Joe Biden’s recession, money is tight and not everybody has an extra 6 to 7 hundred dollars just lying around. So, while I do agree with the narrator of the video to a certain point, it pays to shop around for a better deal and there’s no law that says you have to buy ‘brand new out-of-the-box’.

But if you want an authentic old west gun and do have the cash, then by all means, stick to the list.



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