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Check This Out: The 10 Most Expensive Pickup Trucks In The World

Every now and then, I daydream and wonder what it would be like if I ever won the Powerball, or the Mega Millions and I think…’What on earth would I do with all of that money?’.

Well,  one of the first things I’d do, is buy a truck, not just any truck mind you, but one that would scream ‘look at me’, as I drove down the road.

Oh come on, we all do it, especially when we see a really killer looking rig that passes us by on the street, or on the freeway, we all turn our heads and look just soaking it in and we think to ourselves ‘That lucky bastard’.

It’s silly I know, but at the age of 66,  time isn’t really on my side but it is fun to dream, I mean, where would would all be if we didn’t have our dreams?

But when I see videos like the one below, I can’t help myself. Just watching the video kinda makes me feel like a kid again.

Here’s what the folks of the YouTube channel ’10 Banger’ had to say:

Welcome to 10Banger! We bring you the best and most fascinating Top 10 lists about machinery, trucks, heavy equipment, and technology. Our informative videos showcase the latest advancements in these industries, providing insight into the world of heavy machinery and the technology that drives it forward. Whether you’re a fan of massive trucks, construction equipment, or just love learning about the latest in tech, you won’t want to miss our videos.

Watching videos like the one bellow, makes me wax nostalgic and think about when I was a kid playing with my Hot Wheels and Tonka Trucks back in the 1960’s.

Oh well, we all have to grow up sometime, so kick back and enjoy the video.



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