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Here Are 10 Absolutely Superior High Capacity Shotguns On The Market That You Can Buy Right Now

Now I’m not saying that anyone should stock-up on firearms, or that you should stock-up on ammunition for those firearms…but since Joe Biden is hiring a virtual ARMY of IRS agents and is arming them to the teeth, it just makes sense to be prepared right?

Shotguns are the ‘go to’ firearm for an up close and personal encounter and it just makes sense to have a shotgun that can hold alot of rounds. ‘Back in the day’, 5 rounds of 00 buckshot might have been enough, but with all of the advancement in body armor, 10 or more rounds is better, know what I’m saying ?

My old Remington 870 express is a good shotgun and I would never get rid of it for any reason and while 5 rounds might be a ‘good thing’ to deter an uninvited house guest at 3am, but with the world the way it is right now on the streets, higher capacity is much better.

So, take my words to heart and watch the video below and come to your own conclusions about what you think is better for your particular circumstances.

The producers of the video below had this to say:

In a world where firepower is king, shooters and gun fans are all interested in the same thing; which high-capacity shotgun will be the best in 2023? We looked at every high-capacity shotgun on the market, tried the newest ones, and made a list of the ten best ones. These works of engineering are unbeatable when it comes to firepower, accuracy, and speed. Whether you’re a professional shooter, a hunter, or just looking for the best weapon for self-defense, these shotguns will change how you shoot.

Like I said earlier, it just makes good sense to be prepared right ?



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