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Here It Is Ladies & Gentlemen…The Mighty 12 Gauge ‘WORMINATOR’

Well, the folks over at TAOFLEDERMAUS have done it again and are showcasing another incredibly destructive shotgun slug. When I write an article about TAOFLEDERMAUS and their creations, they aren’t very ‘wordy’,  because the main focus is usually on the video.

Here’s a description from their own YouTube page:

We create original videos, many of which are viewer-suggestions. From strange demonstrations of mercury, to shooting projectiles made by viewers and other YouTube channels. Instead of being passive observers, viewers can become part of the the video production process by suggesting ideas.

This particular shotgun slug was made by Evan Perry, courtesy of ‘The Rhinestone Hurricane’. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Evan’s work, let me clue you in.

This is from Even’s YouTube page ‘The Rhinestone Hurricane’:

Here at the Rhinestone Hurricane, we make bullet jewelry and custom slugs. For merchandise go to Etsy Shop: Rhinestone Hurricane.

Like it says in the description above of TAOFLEDERMAUS, if you have a radical idea of your own, you can contact them along with a description, or even an item of your own making and they’ll try to make it into a reality for all the world to see!

But for now, let’s just see what kind of destruction Evan’s ‘WORMINATOR’ can do.



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