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Here Are 10 Underrated Pistols You Might Already Know About But Deserve A Second Look

I’m probably going to catch hell from some of my military and law enforcement friends for publishing this article, but I don’t care. The video below is titled: “10 Most Underrated Pistols You Should Buy”.

Well after watching the video, I decided that the titled wasn’t quite correctly descriptive enough. Most ‘gun guys’ will agree, that the 10 pistols mentioned in the video below are pretty much already well known, but for whatever reasons, alot of folks have simply passed them by.

Whether is is because of size, capacity, or caliber, most of (if not all) of these guns aren’t exactly at the top of most people’s list to own.

When going out and buying a new handgun, you have to take into consideration several factors. One being, is it the gun you want to conceal carry, because there size matters, no one wants to lug around a big, heavy, hunk of metal.

Also, caliber is a big factor, now some guys will say that a 9mm is what you should conceal carry for self defense, again, it depends on the individual and what their personal needs are.

Considering that in a self defense related shooting, FBI stats say the average gunfight includes three rounds fired over three seconds from a distance of 3 yards. So, with those figures in mind, most people don’t need a conceal carry gun that has a capacity of more than 15 rounds.

Again, some of my friends may argue that point, but chances are though, if you do get into gunfight, you’re not going to get into a long drawn-out one at distances of 10 or more meters.

I could go on regarding this subject, but what it all boils down to is, the needs of the individual.

Anyway, watch the video and take a look at all of the pistols that are mentioned, who knows, if you already have a pistol you like, you might see another one worth buying.



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