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Hikers In Idaho Have A Sasquatch Sighting That Lasts 20 Minutes

First and foremost, I want to make something abundantly clear so that there are no misunderstandings . If you think that you are going to see “Bigfoot” in the video below, you’re not.

What the video does do, is relate ‘documented’ sightings (by the BFRO) and uses Google Earth Maps to pinpoint just where these sightings occurred.

The reason I like to use WILLSTAR MONSTERS & MYSTERIES videos, is because he takes things to another lever with the use of these maps, so it helps you get a real feel for just where these sightings have happened.

Secondly, I am not trying to convince anyone that Bigfoot/Sasquatch is ‘real’, either you believe, or you don’t.

If you want to see a Sasquatch on a video, then I encourage you to watch the Patterson/Gimlin film. To date, this is the one undisputed bit of video evidence of the creature’s existence.

And by ‘undisputed’, I mean within the Sasquatch research community.

There are several people out there that still contend that “Patty” is nothing more than some dude in a fur suit and no matter what evidence is presented to the contrary, they’re just not going to believe it no matter what…and that’s cool.

As for me personally, I live smack-dab in the middle of Sasquatch country (the Pacific Northwest) and given the amount of research I have done on this subject and the physical evidence I have seen with my own two eyes, no one can convince me that these creatures do NOT exist.

If you want to find out if there have been any sightings in your area, or wish to report a sighting of your own, you can do so by visiting the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) website.

So there it is folks, even in the 21st century,  I’d like to think that there are still places in this continent that men haven’t even walked on and that there are things and mysteries that are yet to be discovered.



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