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Here Is The Typhoon Defense F12…A Mag Fed 12 Gauge AR Shotgun

Shotguns have been around for a very long time and just when you think that they can’t improve on them, something comes along and does just that!!

I don’t normally get too excited about shotguns, let’s face it, you load, point and fire and the target goes ‘bye-bye’, simple right?

There are alot of semi-auto shotguns on the market, so they aren’t exactly a ‘new thing’, but the Typhoon F-12, is in my opinion, a ‘next level gun’.

It is solid, built well and when you pull the trigger, there are no doubts as to what will happen and THAT is what makes all the difference.

Now, like I said earlier, shotguns have been around for a very long time and semi-auto shotguns aren’t exactly a new thing, but after watching the video and going directly to Typhoon’s website and seeing for myself all of the info and specs on this gun, you’ll see why I’m so excited.

Instead of me doing the old ‘cut and paste’ from Typhoon’s website here and wasting space, I’m just going to put a link below so that you can go right to it and check it out for yourself.

If you want to see all of the features of this awesome shotgun after you watch the video below, you can do so by clicking HERE.

Enjoy the video, I sure did.



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