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This Should Be Fun….Vicky Stark Goes Bowfishing On Her Birthday For Bass & Tilapia

So here I am sitting in my office today wondering what I was going to write about, when out of the blue, I get a message from none other than our favorite bowfishing girl- Vicky Stark. It seems Vicky saw an article I wrote about her and liked it and quite benevolently said that I could use her videos here at Great American Outdoors any time I wanted…thanks Vicky (she sure is a great sport!).

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Ms. Stark, she’s an Instagram star who is known for posting a variety of modeling content and pictures of her fishing. She can be seen on a variety of boats and in a variety of locations fishing. Vicky has attracted a loyal following of more than 47,000 people on the internet. She has been fishing since she was a young girl, but only began posting photographs of her bikini-clad exploits about 24 months ago.

Of the many different ways to fish, bow fishing is unique compared to the traditional methods. You can bow-fish throughout the United States, but Florida is, hands-down, one of the best places to do so. This is especially true because the weather is ideal all year-round. Anyone can bow fish, but before booking a bow-fishing charter or setting out on your own in the Sunshine State, become familiar with the laws and regulations regarding this activity.

Bow fishing is a special type of fishing that you do with a bow and arrow. Unlike ordinary fishing, in which you stick your line in the water and hope for a bite, bow fishing requires the fisher to spot the fish before shooting it. The arrow is attached to a line, so any fish that you pierce can be retrieved easily. Many people who bow fish choose to do it in the evening, as the fish are more active at this time, and they are easier to catch. If you want to bow fish, you must possess a license.

Okay, without further ado, enjoy Vicky’s video while she goes bowfishing for Bass and Tilapia.



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