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A Female Rock Python Is Hungry…And The Rabbit Never Saw It Coming

The African Rock Python is a deadly predator and if you ever do happen to come into contact with one, you definitely don’t want to piss it off. This python, spanning a length of up to six meters, is able to attack (and even start to swallow) a human being. Luckily, such incidents are extremely rare, but why take chances right? Sadly, the illegal introuction of this snake into the wild, like in states like Florida, there is a growing population and since they have no natural predators in this country, they are upsetting the balance of wildlife here in the United States.

Like all pythons, this snake is non-venomous. It kills by constriction, ambushing and coiling around its prey, and tightening its coils every time the victim breathes out. Death happens by cardiac arrest, rather than by asphyxiation or crushing. In their natural habitat, African rock pythons feed on everything from birds and bats to medium-sized mammals. The larger python captures warthogs, bushbucks and even crocodiles, swallowing them whole. Poultry, dogs and goats are also at risk of attack. A huge meal takes months to digest. African rock pythons lay 20–100 hard-shelled, elongated eggs in an old animal burrow, termite mound or cave. The female coils around her clutch, protecting them from predators and possibly helping to incubate them, and guards the babies for up to two weeks after hatching

Now, about the star of the video below, meet “Squeeze”, an eight-year-old African rock python who’s capable of hunting in any terrain at any time of day for virtually any prey. She is a 13-foot, 70-pound snake that combines size and strength with a strike faster than the blink of an eye. and it looks like rabbit is on the menu.

Sadly for the rabbit…it never saw it coming



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