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Watch As A Soulless Animal Celebrates Two Police Officers Being Ambushed & Targeted For Assassination In Compton

In the video below, we see what society has devolved into during the second decade of the 21st century, a soulless hood-rat seems to be actually happy, that two police officers were targeted for assassination in the crime-ridden city of Compton,  California. If this is the direction that we are headed in 2020, then there seems little hope for human beings as a species (no matter what color we are).

I will say, that this kind of behavior seems to be encouraged by the the Marxist Left, especially by the Marxist, Racist, hate-group BlackLivesMatter. A group that was founded on a lie from the very beginning after the justified shooting of the criminal THUG Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, in 2014.

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As if the kind of disgusting behavior displayed above wasn’t bad, or disturbing enough, it continued when the two wounded officers were transported to a local hospital for life-saving medical treatment and a crowd gathered outside chanting; “We hope they die”. As you can see in the video below, protesters are outside the hospital where two LA deputies that were shot earlier are currently being treated. They are chanting and shouting derogatory and anti-police slogans outside the hospital. Police officers were there on-site trying to calm the situation.

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As strange and disturbing as it may seem to a ‘normal’ person, this kind of disgusting behavior is being encouraged not only by the radical left, but also by the Democrat party.  Democrat controlled cities across the country are going up in flames and mindless violence seems to be the ‘new norm’ as we see a horrific increase in murder and violence in general.

What’s the solution you may ask? Well, for starters, we could teach our children that the police are NOT our enemies and that this great nation is NOT “systemically racist”….there’s a novel concept huh?

But, being that this IS an election year and there is alot riding on the results, I wouldn’t look for any democrat leaders to do anything about it…at least until AFTER the election anyway.



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